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Madison the Genius Cat

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To Whom It May Concern:

My firm WhatEver Productions, represent Ms. Dionne Warwick. This serves to advise you that "Dionne Warwick" is a registered trademark. While performing a search in the Yahoo search engine we found the following reference: "Madison the Genius Cat - nastier than Socks, lazier than Garfield, and wiser than Dionne Warwick's Psychic Friends."

This requests that you change the reference eliminating Ms. Warwick's name. As you submit the change request to Yahoo, please copy us on the correspondence. We understand that it may take Yahoo up to 90 days until the reference is updated in their system. If there are any other search engines that you similarly reference, this requests they are notified accordingly. Please copy us on ALL correspondence. Also note that we represent Ms. Warwick only and not The Psychic Friends Network.

Copies of this correspodence have been forwarded to Ms. Warwick, her management company and legal team. We intend to protect the rights of our client amicably, however are preprared to take litigious actions if deemed necessary.


Carter Burnette


In the famous words of a politician, "I will say this for the last time. I did not have inappropriate relations with that woman." If Ms. Warwick (not her real name by the way) has a problem with me, I would be glad to help her out.

I still stand by my statement that I am wiser than her psychic friends. The Genius Network is still going strong while the Psychic Friends Network is no longer in business. As my good friend Dennis Miller asks, "If they were psychic, couldn't they see it (cancellation) coming?."

If her people continue to harass me, I will turn this matter over to my simple side-cat and part-time litigator Madle. She will slap them with a countersuit so fast, Ms. Warwick will be chasing her tail around (if she had one.)

By the way, Dionne, San Jose is the other direction.

Now I have become tired of this whole affair and must go back to sleep. Send laywers, guns and catnip.

Good day,

Madison (Freedom Fighter)

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