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Ancestors of both common short-haired and long-haired domestic cats were not indigenous to the United States and were imported from foreign countries, so I proably have royal bloodlines.

Speaking of bloodlines, one of my most famous relatives is that animated rascal Felix The Cat. (This is where I got my middle name). Felix and his bag of tricks made his showbiz debut in 1919 in the four-minute debut film Feline Follies by Pat Sullivan. Felix's personality was based in part on Charlie Chaplin.

Ancient Egypt. Now that was the place to be. Felines enjoyed a special status in ancient Egypt, due to their indispensability as ratters and mousers in the granaries. The cat was even deified by ancient Egyptians as the goddess Bast. Official decrees deemed cats as sacred beings and protected them from all harm. Upon death, cats were embalmed and laid to rest in elaborately painted and bejeweled mummy cases, just like members of the royal family. Mummified mice were entombed with the cats for the purpose of nourishment during the long journey to the kingdom of the dead. Just west of the ancient Egyptian city of Bubastis, known in modern times as Tell Basta, lies the site of an enormous cat cemetery containing tens of thousands of feline mummies. (By the way, the British Museum in London houses a stunning collection of beautifully preserved cat mummies--and upstairs, there is an excellent cafeteria.) Modern America should take a clue from ancient Egypt. Hey, Socks, do something about this?

The average house cat weighs in at 11 pounds. So I am not overweight at all.

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