When I am not eating or sleeping
I cruise the net to see what's it all about...

I know I have been lazy but these links have been updated and checked June 1997. Some are new and some are old favorites. Enjoy the surf..

CAT MANUAL: This is like a mini "Cats for Dummies" training. Clever parody of a user manual.

KATRING: Here's your chance to join the Kat Kommunity. Let the world know about your pet.

MASCOTAS: An informative site in Spanish for the bilingual felines.

CAT PLANET: A good mix of music, food, wisdom and lots of cat info.

SPAY/NEUTER PROGRAM: If you care about cats and dogs please be informed and help out.

PLAYCAT MAGAZINE: Lots of goodies in Italian and English for the feline fans.

CYBERPET: boldly go where no pet fancier has gone before

ACMEPET: A great resource for a variety of pet info and supplies. Plus they picked the Genius as a site of the day.

PETSCAPE: A parody of that famous company with lots of info and fun from the aloha state.

EXOTICPETS: This is a collection of weird pets and weird owners from iguanas to whoknowswhats...

CAT FANCIERS: A very complete resource from the Cat Fanciers, including medical info, breeding, etc.

INTERNET 4 CATS: This is a very cool book to get your cat up and running on the net.

We will be updating this list soon. If you have a site that you think would be a good link please email the URL. Feel free to create a link to this site but please use the home page at www.keelerkom.com and send an email to let us know. Thank you.

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