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Thanks for joining us at this little thing we call a web site. I have some big plans for this space, but computer time is tough to come by with all these so-called working people around here. They should be serving us (especially feeding us) instead of playing around on the computer.

My simple side-cat Madle and I want to make this fun. As you know I am psychic (as well as psycho) and will look into the future for you, and it is a lot less than 2.95 a minute. Ask me anything, but hope I am in a good mood. Bribes of fish and chicken are welcome.

Come back soon and see what's new. Upcoming features include: Madison vs. Socks, The Genius predicts the Oscars (Piece of cake, or should I say Pork), Contests, Cool Links, and much more. Get involved: send email, wake your neighbors, and do the right thing, and please download Netscape 2.0 so this page looks good.

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